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I'm Hilary!

Hey there,

After 9 years of living away in Nova Scotia and Ontario working on my art education, I've found my way back home on Prince Edward Island. Art has been my passion since I could hold a pencil, in which I enjoy finding uniqueness and beauty in the simplest of things in life. I believe that every stroke of the brush, or every pencil mark, speaks a thousand words. In my experience, the most rewarding thing is seeing how people react to the finished pieces! My heart warms when I am able to bring a smile to people's faces.


When I'm not working on my art, you can find me playing board games or video games with my friends, eating (obviously potatoes), cooking some good food with my husband (again, using potatoes), petting cats, and exploring this beautiful island.

If you want to work together to convey your story through art or learn more about my creative process, let's chat about art possibilities!

Awards, Recognition, and Education:


Honorable Mention - 3x3 Magazine Student Show No.17.

Merit Honor - Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition.

Youtuber MrSuicideSheep's Art Challenge Featured Artwork.

St. Francis Xavier University McGillivray Art Bursary.

Honors Bachelor of Illustration from Sheridan College.

Bachelor Degree with a minor in Studio Art.

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